Unleash Your Dog's Potential: Elevate Their Skills with Our Expert Dog Training Services
Get Tail-Wagging Results: Experience the Difference of Our Professional Dog Training Services!
Advanced Education in Every Aspect of Dog Training and Behavior
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Unleash Your Dog's Potential: Elevate Their Skills with Our Expert Dog Training Services!
Advanced Education in Every Aspect of Dog Training and Behavior
Get Tail-Wagging Results: Experience the Difference of Our Professional Dog Training Services!
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Nothing like having that feeling that your dog has been trained so well that you see the results. I teach techniques that are reinforced with positivity in an interactive environment. I make your dog’s training as effective as it is enjoyable for them, giving you the tools you need to maintain success and a great relationship with your dog when your classes are complete.

Established in 2016

I started my business in Brazil. I was an English ESL teacher who needed a summer job when one of my students who has one of the biggest training schools in Brazil gave me a job. I soon fell in love with the idea of training the dogs so I did the basic obediance training course then after I did the advanced certification for protection (guard dog training). I got to watch a take part of some of the training that prepared some of the dogs that patrolled, guarded, and did scent detection work for the Olympics in Rio 2016 and we’ll as I’ve had the luxury to work with many different breeds and people. I love my job, the best is to see how you (the owners) grow and to see how everyone’s behaviors change when training with me. Dog training is a lifestyle, once you learn the techniques it’s up to you to implement them in your daily life.

Sarah E.

Business Owner

Hello!! My name is Sarah and I’d love to help you develop a well behaved best friend for your home as well as in high stimulating environments. The techniques I use will build you and your dog up for success.

The Program

Why Choose Surfside Dog Academy?

1️⃣ Flexible Training Options: We understand that every dog and owner have different preferences and schedules. That’s why we offer the flexibility of training your dog in the comfort of your own home or in our well-equipped training space. You choose the option that works best for you and your four-legged companion.

2️⃣ Budget-Friendly Packages: At Surfside Dog Academy, we believe that exceptional dog training should be accessible to all. We offer a range of packages to suit various budgets, ensuring you can find the perfect fit without compromising on quality. Our affordable options make it easier than ever to invest in your dog’s well-being and unleash their true potential.

3️⃣ Expert Trainers: Our team of skilled and compassionate trainers are dedicated to providing exceptional care and training for your beloved dog. They possess in-depth knowledge of various training techniques and behavior modification strategies to address any challenges your dog may face. Trust us to guide you through the training journey with patience, professionalism, and positive reinforcement.

4️⃣ Tailored Training Programs: We believe in personalized training that recognizes each dog’s individuality. Our trainers will assess your dog’s specific needs, temperament, and current skill level, tailoring a training program that ensures maximum progress and results. Whether you want to teach basic commands, correct behavioral issues, or polish advanced skills, we’ve got the perfect program for you.

5️⃣ Comprehensive Support: Your journey with Surfside Dog Academy doesn’t end after the training sessions. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain and reinforce the newly acquired skills. Our trainers will equip you with valuable tips and resources to ensure continued success and harmony in your dog’s behavior.


Surfside Dog Academy

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Overall rating out of 22 Google reviews

faith matters
2 months ago

I worked for sarah for over a year and she is very passionate about what she does. She is very caring and dedicated to each and every client. I learned a lot from her and loved seeing all the pups grow and learn 🙂

Margaret Brittan
4 months ago

Thank you Sarah for helping a 76 yr old lady train a 102 lb - two year old Rottweiller. It was really a safety issue teaching ZOZO to walk nicely on leash and greet people and dogs in a gentle manner. Having her learn “PLACE” kept her from jumping on visitors to greet them. Sarah’s skill and expertise was amazing and her love of dogs obvious. Highly recommend her and so appreciate how quickly Zozo learned to be a fabulous member of the family.

Funny Stuffies
6 months ago

Sarah is absolutely amazing at what she does! She understands what dogs and humans need in order to succeed and is so great in teaching in a way that is understandable and totally doable. We had rescued our beautiful puppy and needed to teach her some basic manners and we got that and so much more! We have recommended her to friends who have seen real results with their puppies as well!

tifini thoms
6 months ago

Sarah is awesome. Very friendly, very knowledgeable, very patient. Very open to answering questions and exclaiming things. Look forward to working with her again when my schedule is less busy. Would definitely recommend.

Becca Butao
8 months ago

Sarah with Surfside Dog Academy helped us turn our once terrified golden into a now excited swimmer! We are so grateful for her knowledge and loving guidance! We continue to train with her, and can’t wait to see how many more challenges we can turn into great accomplishments!

melissa coffey
9 months ago

I met Sara after she came highly recommended on a Facebook page where I requested recommendations for a dog trainer. I schedule a consult and immediately felt a connection. Her presence and extensive knowledge on the subject put me at ease and I knew she was the trainer for us. Fast forward and she’s already helped me with my two very spoiled, very stubborn fur babies. She’s also helped me understand doing what’s best for them in terms of setting boundaries and creating an environment for them where they feel safe and comfortable while I can’t be with them ( they are Covid pups and weren’t used to being alone). The babies get very excited when Sara comes to work with us. So grateful to have found her. I highly recommend Sara for your training, dog walking and dog sitting needs.

Jennifer Lacey
9 months ago

I met Sarah through a neighbor of mine who was really impressed with her training so I thought I’d check out her services. We immediately had a connection and she definitely got along with our new puppy Bentley! We were experiencing a lot of the typical puppy behavior as our little one was constantly “escaping” out of the front door and down the street! Sarah was instrumental in helping train Bentley to understand boundaries. I can now open the front door freely and he won’t even try to get out. During our sessions, he also learned so many other commands and is a good boy out on walks! I highly recommend using The Surfside Dog Academy if you need any sort of help with your dog of any age!

ryan skodje
10 months ago

Sarah goes above and beyond what any dog trainer does.She truly cares about my puppy and how well she can adjust to her new life in a happy, healthy, safe way.

Laura Whitcher
10 months ago

I was referred to Sarah from a friend and wow, she is just so great with all dogs! She is a great communicator and we saw immediate results and good behavior with our new puppy, Ruby. As you may know, dog trainers train the dog, but more importantly they teach the owners too:). She helped my husband and I navigate having a new puppy again and we did 10 sessions with her. Our dog has become a joy to be around.

Gabriella Oseguera
10 months ago

Sarah was awesome at helping me train my Dog- Frida (Austrian Cattle Dog). She was very patient with me and my family- she also was very flexible with times and days that worked best for me- a working FT mom of 3! I would highly recommend Sarah- Frida is so much better from the first training session, in fact, I extended our 6 session training to 12 sessions because I saw a huge difference in Friday’s behavior.

leah smith
a year ago

What I love most about Sarah is her consistency with wanting to help. She is so patient, professional, caring, consistent, and kind. She genuinely wants you to succeed with your dog. I appreciate her follow ups after training and look forward to her videos she posts...especially when it comes to a video that includes Willow! My dog has tons of energy and we got her during the pandemic so she wasn't socialized with other people or other dogs. I had almost given up on her when I found Sarah through a mutual friend. Sarah has TRAINED my dog but we're still working on TRAINING me. I will keep Willow in Surfside Academy until I recieve MY graduation certificate! ◡̈

Samantha Haney
a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueSarah is amazing! We started training our pup at 3 months with her and it was the best decision. She teaches the importance of a dog obeying vs just the tricks. Sarah was so easy to work with and I recommend if you have a puppy or even an older dog to start them training with her.

Where do I even begin!? First off I want to say Sarah has made a huge impact on our lives and we are forever grateful. When we got our pitbull he was a pup and 2 weeks later the world went on lock down. Unfortunately our socializing phase turned into isolating causing him to develop lots of anxiety. We hired a trainer, spent money, and got little out of it. My boyfriend and I tried our best for the year and a half after that… but then we found Sarah! I feel Sarah correctly and effectively identified areas of concern and developed a training plan that set our pup and us up for success. She explains things in detail, guides us, and invests in us all the way. By giving us the right direction we found improvement in our pup and the well being of our household after the first lesson. Our pup still has a ways to go but we are finally on the right path. The connect and confidence I experience with our pup now is on a whole new level. Overall Sarah is reliable, flexible, dedicated, and experienced. 20/10 recommend this life changing woman!

Lea McKenna
a year ago

I got a golden-doodle puppy when he was about 3 months old and I needed help training him ASAP. Sarah is one of first I called and I couldn’t be more appreciative for the impact I’ve seen over the last 6 months with her. My pup looks forward to every training session with Sarah and her team. They always ensure safety and I feel so confident about leaving my baby with them. I’ve seen such a difference with my puppy! He is so much more obedient and well-mannered and improving every week! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

Cheryl Colazas
a year ago

We contacted Sarah to train our 2 month old golden retriever, Roxy. Sarah came for an initial visit to discuss her program and the training we would be doing. We loved her approach and signed up for a 6 week individual puppy training. Sarah came once a week, during that time we would discuss any issues we had and given homework to do with Roxy. At this point, Roxy responds to sit, down, come, place, walking next to us, leave it, and shake. Sarah has helped us crate train and set boundaries. Roxy is still very much a puppy, but is off to a great start as a well behaved family dog. We highly recommend Sarah!

Sarah is amazing at her job! I have a high energy English Springer who is named Dublin, who is currently 7 months old. I first started with Zoom Room training but I did not like the clicker and it was not a real world setting. Sarah was training other puppies in my neighbor and I got a card. We have been training since March 2021 and I am amazed by the transformation of my dog, Dublin. We train all over HB- local parks, downtown Mainstreet on Tuesday during the street fair, in my home and all over town. Dublin has become a better dog directly because of the training and I have a better understanding of my dog's unhealthy habits and how to correct them. Photo of Surfside Dog Academy - Huntington Beach, CA, United States. Dublin in training at the park

Bridget Root
a year ago

Sarah is AMAZING. She has helped me so much with my Australian shepherd border collie mix (very high energy and anxious). We are now able to walk him in public places with many distractions and he remains calm and well behaved. People often tell me how good of a dog he is and how impressed they are! I owe it to Sarah. If you’re looking for a great trainer, she is the girl for you!

misty gordon
a year ago

What can I say??? Sarah is absolutely amazing!! Our Frenchie had very bad manners, and is very stubborn. Sarah took the time to teach us how to handle him. She included us and guided us throughout the process which was awesome because now we know how to correct him when he has bad behavior. In fact we have had multiple people tell us how well behaved our pup is! So happy with Surfside Dog Academy!!!

  •   Sarah is incredible!  She trains the owner to train their dog.  Her method was very effective for my 1.5 year old Cavalier King Charles.  My Lola went from counter surfing... read more

    thumb Dani K.

      Excellent training. Consistency is key! My dog is a service animal who visit's patients with me. He can visit during meals and is perfect because of our training with SDA.... read more

    thumb Amber S.

      Sarah is absolutely amazing at what she does! She understands what dogs and humans need in order to succeed and is so great in teaching in a way that is... read more

    thumb Trisha F.

      Sarah is a friendly and funny and kind and generous and knowledgeable dog trainer. She was my dog training life safer!!! I have an almost 2 year old cattle dog... read more

    thumb Cyndi N.
  •   Sarah was so great with Frida our new puppy. she gave us plenty of tricks to train our energetic dog!! she also trained us to be better dog owners. Sarah... read more

    thumb Gabriella O.

      Sarah is THE BEST! She worked with my high energy Aussie for the last 12 months and I can't recommend her enough. Charlie is the best listener now and although... read more

    thumb Jennifer G.

      Where do I even begin!? First off I want to say Sarah has made a huge impact on our lives and we are forever grateful. When we got our pitbull... read more

    thumb Ashley ß.

      I have loved working with Sarah to train my two dogs Rocky and Obie. Rocky was a 3 year old golden retriever when we began training and was stuck in... read more

    thumb Kelly T.
  •   Call her. Now! I found Sarah's IG page a month before we brought our chocolate lab home. I loved her approach and ideas and education on training. She came over... read more

    thumb Sarah D.

      Sarah is amazing at her job! I have a high energy English Springer who is named Dublin, who is currently 7 months old.  I first started with Zoom Room training... read more

    thumb Patricia R.

      Sarah at Surfside Dog Academy is great.  She has been working with our Pomeranian Ted who is 2 years old and was so out of control when walking just around... read more

    thumb Nora S.

      Her job is amazing, I have an old dog and my beliefs were that she is already old to change behavior and bla bla bla. Seriously I completely changed my... read more

    thumb Fernanda P.
  •   We rescued a 6 month old puppy and he had been abused. Although Sarah has just begun to work with Kilua he has already learned so much. We can't wait... read more

    thumb Alisa N.

      Highly recommend Sarah for dog training. She's got lots of experience and energy. Our dogs love her too! Storm is always right there to greet her when she arrives, and... read more

    thumb Starr O.

      Excellent trainer, and love that she will work around any schedule! Give her a contact if you want your fur babies to start behaving

    thumb Brooke D.

      Sarah gets my dogs! Tucker and Piper couldn't be more different- yet her style has resulted in positive changes for them both!
    Even though I can't be present for much... read more

    thumb Heather H.

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